Vintage Timepiece (Steampunk) Style Tahkli Support Spindle No.86 - FREE SHIPPING (US Only)

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Vintage Timepiece (Steampunk) - ONE OF A KIND - Mid Weight - (Tahkli Style) Support Spindle No.86

BRIEFLY: Made from a total of 29 individual parts - this is a Circa 1930's Made in USA Waltham Watch Company Pocket Watch Dial with Authentic Watch Parts, Brass Clock Gear and Eisenhower Dollar Whorl, and a Stainless Steel Hex Nut and Gold Plated Bead mounted to a John Galen Signature Black Gold Steel Shaft.

WEIGHT/DIMENSIONS: 1.8 oz. (52g), Whorl dia. 1.48” x 8.4" Length (38mm x 21.3cm),
This is the Larger Diameter (of the 2 that I make) Shaft = .137" (3.5mm) in Black Gold

A painted heavy brass (USA Made) Circa 1930 Waltham Watch Company pocket watch dial with an abstract rainbow color acetate art transfer applied to the surface is the centerpiece of this spindle. The dial has a number of authentic vintage and antique watch parts and Swarovski crystal rhinestones to the surface before coating in two thick layers of epoxy resin top coat to protect and create a no-snag lifetime finish. It is mounted to the bottom of a Eisenhower silver dollar and a 1.5" vintage brass clock gear with gold metal flake black epoxy resin poured between the gear arms on the top of this unique whorl.

There is a stainless steel hex nut and a gold plated bead that is placed atop the clock gear - all mounted to one of my signature (Gold Metal Flake Hi-Gloss Black colored) steel shafts - for a very unique heavy weight support spindle that has an amazing spin that will work on pretty much any fiber you can whirl on it :-).

The shaft is made from spring steel with a heat forged hook and is colored with a 2-coat hi-temperature powder-coat paint. Dial is coated with 2 extra thick layers of epoxy and all parts are mounted with industrial 2-part epoxy.