Support Spindle - Filigree Bead - Black, Red, Purple, or Pink 1 in. whorl (483-486) FREE SHIPPING

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   $33.90 Each  -  Choose From:  
E483 - Black-Gold (gold metal flake) Steel Shaft & Antique Silver Filigree Beads
E484 - Candy-Apple Red Steel Shaft & Antique Silver Filigree Beads
E485 - Metallic Purple Steel Shaft & Antique Silver Filigree Beads
E486 - Carnation Pink Steel Shaft & Antique Silver Filigree Beads

This dazzling new spindle is made with a large diameter hand-made antique-silver alloy filigree bead and is accented with 5 individual alloy and stainless steel finishing beads and crowned with a multi-glass crystal spacer bead - mounted onto a lifetime 2-coat powder-coat finished steel shaft.  Great light-weight spindles for spinning cotton and other short staple fiber!    

NO-HOOK OPTION: "Add a note to your order" on check-out page
Spindles are 7.75" Total Length (w/Hook) and 7.25" Total Length (NO Hook) -
1" diameter and weight about the same (.7 oz.) as my standard Tahkli Spindles.


Beaded Tahkli Support Spindles:  All of our Tahkli (supported) spindles are hand crafted in Tucson, AZ, by John G. Gudenkauf (owner/artist).  The shaft is made from high carbon spring steel which has a heat forged hook-end and is professinally painted with a 2-part thermoset polymer (powder-coat-paint).  The use of this steel and coating makes for a spindle shaft that remains straight, is easy to clean, and prevents rust. All alloy beads are bonded to shaft with industrial 2-part epoxy glue. 

Quality handcrafted tools for fiber artists


  • Weight/dimensions: W/Hook (Standard) .7oz  – 1”dia x 7.75" (2.6cm x 19.7cm)
    Weight/dimensions: NO Hook (Option) .7oz  – 1”dia x 7.25" (2.6cm x 18.4cm)
  • Re-Orders (if applicable): Shaft color, wood, and beads may vary slightly from images
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  • Hand Made in Tucson, AZ, USA with US/Global Materials