Tahkli Support Spindle - Coloma Silver or Coloma Crystal - Yellow, Red, Teal, or Blue 1 in. whorl (447-450) FREE SHIPPING

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E447 - Coloma Silver - SOLD-OUT

   $46.90 Each - Choose From:  
E448 - OUT OF STOCK - Coloma Crystal Rhinestone - Candy Apple Red Shaft, Walnut/S.Steel Whorl
E449 - Coloma Crystal Rhinestone - Teal Shaft, Walnut/S.Steel Whorl
E450 - Coloma Crystal Rhinestone - Cobalt Blue Shaft, Walnut/S.Steel Whorl

NEW Coloma Silver, Gold & Coloma Crystal - Western Style Tahkli Spindles: Coloma Gold and Silver pendants are cast from hand engraved masters, plated with real gold and silver, antiqued, hand polished, then lacquered for long lasting beauty.  Coloma Crystal Rhinestones have 27 Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones mounted onto the surface.  They are specially prepared and mounted to one of my standard size hardwood and stainless steel Tahkli Spindles using an industrial 2-part epoxy glue.  At 0.8 ounces, they spin fast and long and are great for spinning cotton or other short staple fibers. 

NO-HOOK OPTION: "Add a note to your order" on check-out page
Spindles are 7.75" Total Length (w/Hook) and 7.25" Total Length (NO Hook)


All of our Tahkli Support Spindles are hand crafted in Tucson, AZ, by John Galen Gudenkauf, owner and artist.  The shafts are is made from high carbon steel with a heat forged hook-end and is professionally painted with a 2-coat process hi-temp powder-coat paint.  This steel and coating makes for a spindle shaft that remains straight, is easy to clean, and prevents rust.  The whorl (disc) has a hardwood core which is bonded to two polished 316 Stainless Steel discs that catch the light and reflect a gorgeous pattern when spun.  Three-coats of Armor-Seal Urethane sealer are applied to the wood for a long-life finish.

Quality handcrafted tools for fiber artists


  • Weight/dimensions: W/Hook (Standard) 0.8oz – 1”dia x 7.75" (2.6cm x 19.7cm)
    Weight/dimensions: NO Hook (Option) 0.8oz – 1”dia x 7.25" (2.6cm x 18.4cm)
  • Re-Orders (if applicable): Shaft color, wood, and beads may vary slightly from images
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  • Hand Made in Tucson, AZ, USA with US/Global Materials