Support Spindle (Tahkli Style) No. 618 - Celtic Triskelion and Crystals - 1 of a Kind - FREE SHIPPING

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No.618 - One of a Kind - ONLY ONE AVAILABLE:
Celtic Triskele, Cast Iron Finish Alloy Whorl, Gold Filigree and Crystals with a Metallic Cobalt Blue Shaft.

This Tahkli (Style) Support Spindle is made with a 1.2” diameter Cast Iron Finish Alloy Whorl (disc) and is adorned with the finest quality cast medallion of a beautiful Celtic Triskelion that is made in Poland by master craftsmen - it is mounted onto the whorl and the perimeter of the medallion has a bead of blue tinted epoxy resin applied to the perimeter as an additional accent. A gold plated filigree bead caps and 6 iridescent Emerald AB color Swarovski crystal rhinestones are set inside, and there are 3 gold plated findings at top and bottom (around the shaft) to complete the design. The shaft is hand-made from spring steel with a heat forged hook that is coated with a 2-coat hi-temperature powder-coat paint. All parts are mounted with industrial 2-part epoxy. This is a heavier weight Tahkli style spindle and it spins fast and long – making it great for not only cotton, but other short staple fibers and fibers such as silk and fine wool.

CELTIC TRISKELION: The Celtic symbol of three conjoined spirals may have had triple significance similar to the imagery that lies behind the triskelion. The triple spiral motif is a Neolithic symbol in Western Europe. Though popularly considered a "Celtic" symbol, it is in fact a pre-Celtic symbol. It is carved into the rock of a stone lozenge near the main entrance of the prehistoric Newgrange monument in County Meath, Ireland. Newgrange, which was built around 3200 BCE, predates the Celtic arrival in Ireland, but has long since been incorporated into Celtic culture. The symbol is also found carved in rock in Castro Culture settlement in modern-day Galicia and Northern Portugal. In Ireland before the 5th century, in Celtic Christianity the triskele took on new meaning, as a symbol of the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), and therefore also a symbol of eternity. Its popularity continues today as a decorative symbol of faith for Christians of Celtic descent around the world.

NO-HOOK OPTION: Choose at drop down when ordering - removes 1/2" of total length


WEIGHT/DIMENSIONS: 1.3 oz. (38 grams), 1.2” dia. (30mm), 7.75" length (3.8cm x 19.7cm)