STEAMPUNK No.16 - Tahkli Support Spindle - Vintage Watch Components - Free Shipping

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STEAMPUNK No.16 - Tahkli Style Support Spindle -- ONE OF A KIND --

A Vintage (1960's) Swiss made TIRZA men's wristwatch dial with vintage mechanical watch gears, components, and ruby watch jewels are encapsulated in thick epoxy coating adorning a chrome plated satin brass (finished) alloy whorl along with gold tone or plated findings, iridescent crystal spacers and 6 crystals (top side) - all mounted to a Gloss Plum Velvet color steel shaft - for a very unique support spindle that is well balanced and spins fiber like a dream!
The shaft is made from spring steel with a heat forged hook and is colored with a 2-coat hi-temperature powder-coat paint. Dial is coated with 2 extra thick layers of epoxy and all parts are mounted with industrial 2-part epoxy. These are great medium weight support spindles for spinning cotton, short staple fibers, and finer long staple fibers for a fast and long spin.
(IMAGE COLORING: 1st Pic indoor/dim lighting, Remaining Pics outdoor/overcast skies lighting)

NO-HOOK OPTION: If you like to spin on support spindles without a hook, I will remove the hook at no charge. - Removes 1/2" of total length

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All of our Tahkli (supported) spindles are hand crafted in Tucson, AZ, by John Galen Gudenkauf (owner/artist).

WEIGHT/DIMENSIONS: 1.0 oz. (28g) - 1.25” dia x 7.75" (3.0cm x 19.7cm)

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Hand Made in Tucson, AZ, USA with US/Global Materials