No.166 Antique Timepiece Support Spindle - Circa 1915 - South Bend Watch Dial - Steampunk Design with Sun and Moon Art- Free Shipping (US Only)

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Antique Timepiece (aka Steampunk/ONE OF A KIND) TAHKLI STYLE/SIZE Support Spindle No.164
Circa 1915 - "South Bend" Weathered and Worn Silver Plated Pocket Watch Dial with Steampunk Design, Clock Gears, Acrylic Whorl, Sun/Moon Art, and Crystals

WEIGHT: 1.8 oz. (52g), WHORL: 1.74” (44) diameter, SHAFT: Larger Size/Uncoated Steel .125" (3.2mm) diameter x 8.8" (22.4 cm) length

Made from 36 individual pieces, the centerpiece of this spindle is a worn and faded (mostly from being in a watchmaker's bench) South Bend silver plated-over brass pocket watch dial that's adorned with a myriad of antique and vintage watch and clock gears and crystals - then coated with a thick layer of epoxy resin for a no snag/long life finish.  PARTS USED: The dial, antique and vintage clock and watch parts, Swarovski and Preciosa crystal rhinestones, two large brass clock gears and acrylic discs (whorl), stainless steel hex nuts, and gold plated findings - all mounted to a uncoated/raw spring steel shaft with a heat forged hook.  All components permanently bonded with industrial epoxy adhesive.  

This is an extremely well balanced spindle with a medium diameter whorl and medium weight.  It spins forever and it will work great for spinning a wide variety of fibers.

History of SOUTH BEND WATCH COMPANY of South Bend, Indiana:  The South Bend Watch Company actually traces its roots to Columbus, Ohio, where Detrich Gruen organized the Columbus Watch Company in 1876.  After producing approximately 370,000 timepieces there, the business was renamed and its assets moved to South Bend, Indiana where members of the Studebaker family built a state-of-the-art factory capable of producing 60,000 watches per year.  Production under the company's new name - South Bend Watch Company - began in March 1903.

Over the next three decades, the South Bend Watch Company produced over a million timepieces, including many railroad grade pocket watches that were trusted to keep trains operating safely and on time. Like many of the other manufacturers of its era, the South Bend Watch Company was not able to survive the Great Depression.  Still, the company's 25+ year run cemented its place as one of the finest American watchmakers of all time, producing over a million quality timepieces and paying approximately $20 million in wages to its 300 employees.

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Hand crafted in Tucson, AZ, by John Galen Gudenkauf (owner/artist) with US and Global Materials.