Face Masks A-D (3-Pack) Adult/Child Sizes, 3 Layer Cotton, Head Straps or Ear Loops, w/Adjustable Nose Bar

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3-Pack - CHOOSE 1 of 4 Cotton Fabric Colors - or choose a MIX OF FABRIC COLORS by adding a note to the order upon check-out
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- Small: Children (Approximately 5 to 12 Years)  
- Medium: Teen/Women to Medium Size Men
- Large: Medium to Larger Size Men and Women

*SIZE IS APPROXIMATE and you may need to alter elastic length for a tighter or looser fit (see pictures for details)

RETURN POLICY: Due to the nature and personal use of this product, we are unable to accept returns. Refund Policy (see below)

Made from
- Two layers of 100% pre-shrunk tight weave cotton
- One layer of Medium Non-Woven Polyester Interfacing
- Pleated and expandable with finished edges
- 1/4" Elastic Ear Loops* - or
- 1/4" Elastic Head Band (Best for LONGER WEAR COMFORT AND SECURE FIT)*
- Adjustable Nose Bar (1x5x89mm Malleable Aluminum Bar) for secure fit
- Elasticized Lower Edge for secure fit under chin (made with 1/4" elastic)

- We have done our best to create face masks that are comfortable to wear and form fitting. Our masks are not the same as others and are made to have a more snug fit - leaving little or no gaps between the mask and the contour of your face - and they WON'T FOG GLASSES. They're made from 3 cloth layers, machine washable, and are as efficient at filtering particles as can be for a home-fabricated face mask. We also practice recommended guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting our work area, but we suggest that you...


CLEANING TIPS for Our Face Masks:
- Machine Wash (Gentle Cycle or Laundry Bag) or Hand Wash
- DRYING: Hang or Lay Flat is recommended to prevent shrinkage or distortion of the aluminum nose bar and 3-layer fabric and interfacing
- CAUTION: Machine drying may cause shrinkage or distortion of the aluminum nose bar

Product is hand-made by Yani Gudenkauf in Tucson, AZ (USA) with US and Global Materials

- These cloth face coverings ARE NOT INTENDED AS REPLACEMENTS for surgical masks or respirators.

REFUND POLICY: If you are unsatisfied with your new face masks, please contact me and I will do what I can to make it right.