STEAMPUNK No.6 - Tahkli Support Spindle - Vintage Watch Components - Free Shipping

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STEAMPUNK No.6 - Tahkli Style Support Spindle -- ONE OF A KIND --

*** DISCOUNTED PRICE (Originally $59.90)***: Sadly, this is one of my favorite spindles, but the finishing frame slipped and the epoxy coat run to one side causing a wobble and I cannot sell if for full price. The spindle will do a good spinning, but just not up to my standards :-(

A Vintage (1950's) Gold Plated BOREL Pendant Watch (enameled) dial with vintage mechanical watch gears, components, and ruby watch jewels are encapsulated in thick epoxy coating adorning an antique nickel (finished) solid alloy whorl along with gold tone or plated findings and an iridescent crystal spacer and 6 matching crystal rhinestones (top side) - all mounted to a Metallic Magenta Steel Shaft - for a very unique support spindle.
The shaft is made from spring steel with a heat forged hook and is colored with a 2-coat hi-temperature powder-coat paint. Dial is coated with 2 extra thick layers of epoxy and all parts are mounted with industrial 2-part epoxy. These are great medium weight support spindles for spinning cotton, short staple fibers, and finer long staple fibers for a fast and long spin.
(IMAGE COLORING: 1st Pic indoor/dim lighting, Remaining Pics outdoor/overcast skies lighting)

NO-HOOK OPTION: If you like to spin on support spindles without a hook, I will remove the hook at no charge. - Removes 1/2" of total length

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All of our Tahkli (supported) spindles are hand crafted in Tucson, AZ, by John Galen Gudenkauf (owner/artist).

WEIGHT/DIMENSIONS: 1.0 oz. (28g) - 1.25” dia x 7.75" (3.0cm x 19.7cm)

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Hand Made in Tucson, AZ, USA with US/Global Materials