Antique Timepiece Support Spindle No.156 - Circa 1920-US Made - Elgin Pocket Watch Dial with Rainbow Art - Free Shipping (US Only)

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Vintage Timepiece (aka Steampunk/ ONE OF A KIND) TIBETAN STYLE/SIZE Support Spindle No.156Circa 1920 - Made in USA - Elgin National Watch Co Pocket Watch Dial with Rainbow Art and Steel Disc/Brass Clock Gear Whorl

WEIGHT: 2.1 oz. (61g),  WHORL: 1.57” (38) diameter,  SHAFT: this is the Larger of the 2 that I make = .125" (3.2mm) diameter x 8.9" (22.6cm) length

Made from 50 individual pieces, the centerpiece of this support spindle is silver plated (over brass) Elgin pocket watch dial. The dial was specially prepared and a rainbow design commercial art transfer is adhered to it and adorned with vintage and antique watch gears, a brass escapement wheel, and a polished steel regulator arm, and 26 Preciosa Czech crystal rhinestones - then coated with a thick layer of epoxy resin for a no-snag and long life finish. The dial is mounted to a steel disc and a large brass clock gear with burgundy tinted epoxy between the arms for the whorl. The completed whorl is mounted to raw/uncoated steel shaft with a heat forged hook and a coating of rust inhibitor, and an additional 12 crystals are added to the bottom side and silver plated findings finish it off. All components are mounted with a industrial 2-part epoxy. This is a very well balanced, smaller diameter whorl, and heavier weight spindle that spins forever - and it will work great for spinning a wide variety of fibers.

HISTORY: The Elgin National Watch Company was founded in 1864 in Elgin, Illinois as the National Watch Company, and some of the organizers were later to become the some of the biggest names in the American watch industry. The factory for the National watch company was completed in 1866, and the first movement produced was an 18-size B. W. Raymond model which sold in April of 1867 for the astounding price of $115. In 1874, the company officially changed their name to the Elgin National Watch Company, and that name remained until they stopped producing watches in the 1960's. Elgin produced approximately one-half of the total number of better-quality pocket watches manufactured in the United States. Total production over their 100 years of operation reached nearly 60 million watches, which is nearly 50% of ALL the jeweled watches produced by American watch companies

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Hand crafted in Tucson, AZ, by John Galen Gudenkauf (owner/artist) with US and Global Materials.