Antique Timepiece (Steampunk) Tahkli Style Support Spindle No.103 - Free Shipping (US Only)

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Antique Timepiece ~Steampunk~ Tahkli Style Support Spindle No.103

BRIEFLY: Made from a total of 47 individual pieces - this is a Circa 1860, Made in England, .800 Silver with 18kt Gold Floral Accents Pocket Watch Dial - embellished with 22 Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones and Vintage Watch Winding gears and Screws - the dial side is Clear-Coated with Epoxy Resin and a Laminated to a Acrylic Disc, Stainless Steel Disc, and Antique Brass Clock Gear Whorl finished with Stainless Steel and Gold Plated Findings- all mounted to a Black-Gold Steel Shaft.

WEIGHT/DIMENSIONS: 1.3 oz. (38g), Whorl dia. 1.49” x 8.15" Length (38mm x 20.6cm), this is the smaller diameter (of the 2 that I make) shaft = .104" (2.7mm)

An absolutely gorgeous example of 160 year old fine craftsmanship, this rare find is a Circa 1860, Made in England, Fusee style, solid coin (0.800 purity) silver pocket watch dial with ornate solid 18kt gold floral accents.  The dial has 12 Swarovski crystal rhinestones and 4 brass winding gears mounted to the surface of the dial.  This dial was acquired with heavy patina and oil coating from spending decades in a watchmaker's bench and it has been preserved with this lovely finish and coated in a thick layer of epoxy resin to protect the finish and look forever, and to give it a no-snag surface.

The WHORL is made from the dial, two 1/16" thick acrylic discs, one stainless steel disc, and one (same period/mid 19th century) brass clock gear for a whorl.  The bottom side of the whorl has an antique watch winding gear (for balance), 5 brass watch screws, and 10 Swarovski crystals mounted within the clock gear arms. The whorl and a stainless steel disc hex nut and several gold plated findings mounted are all mounted to are all mounted to a champagne colored steel shaft with a signature John Galen heat forged hook for a fitting Steampunk look.

This spindle has an amazing well balanced spin and is suitable for almost any fiber.  All components are permanently bonded with 2-part industrial strength epoxy resin glue.

NO-HOOK OPTION: Leave me a Note in the "Special Instructions for Seller" Box at Check-out :-)  - Pre-made spindle; Removes 1/2" of shaft length 

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Hand crafted in Tucson, AZ, by John Galen Gudenkauf (owner/artist) with US and Global Materials.