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Thank you for visiting John Galen Designs!

Founded by John Galen & Yani Gudenkauf in 2015.  

John's interested in inventing the new, and improving the old.  He's been building wooden, metal, and mixed media furniture and art for over 30 years with a special interest in employing convertibility, ergonomics, beauty, and functional designs into typically standard items.  His interest in fiber arts has grown over the past decade or so, as his partner in life and business, Yani, has become more involved in her life-long love of fiber arts.

All of our tools are made here in Tucson, AZ, by John.  Any outside services that are needed are performed by local craftspersons and businesses.  All tools are made in the USA using US and Global materials.

Since our tools are hand made, they are naturally subject to slight variations in size, style, and finish.  We also purchase and incorporate other hand made items into our tools, such as lamp-work glass beads that are also subject to said variations and imperfections.  

We take great care to incorporate the best of these items and use the best techniques to deliver products that are as close to flawless as possible, but please note: they are hand made and will reflect this in some aspects of your new tools and accessories.

If you have any questions or comments about out products, please feel free to contact us using the form below and/or our contact info:

1139 E. Knox Dr.
Tucson, AZ 85719-1321