Antique Timepiece (Steampunk) Tahkli Style Support Spindle No.55 - One-of a kind - FREE SHIPPING

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STEAMPUNK - ONE OF A KIND Tahkli Style Support Spindle No.55

This spindle is made with an exceptionally rare and nearly mint condition brass winding barrel from a WWI Hebdomas 8-Day Trench (wrist) Watch dating between 1914 and 1916. The Hebdomas barrel was cleaned and a 2,000 grit circular polishing was done to better bounce the light off the patterned surface - it is then coated in a thick layer of clear epoxy resin to preserve it. This Tahkli style support spindle has two large clock gears, the Hebdomas Winding Barrel, a pocket watch winding gear, a cobalt blue faceted crystal bead and gold plated findings - all mounted to a cobalt blue steel shaft. The barrel and a 1.25" (32mm) late 1800's antique Clock winding gear and drive wheel, a clock ratchet gear, a faceted clear glass bead, and a gold plated finishing bead are mounted to one of my signature Metallic Champagne powder-coat painted shafts.
- WEIGHT/DIMENSIONS: 1.4 oz. (41g) - 1.29” dia x 7.75" (33mm x 19.7cm)

The METALLIC CHAMPAGNE steel shaft is hand-made from spring steel with a heat forged hook that is coated with a 2-coat hi-temperature powder-coat paint. All parts are mounted with industrial 2-part epoxy. The finished piece is lathe mounted and the edges of the gear and milled and sanded smooth to remove the aggressive gear points. This is a good medium weight Tahkli style spindle and it spins fast and long – making it great for not only cotton, but other short staple fibers as well.

BRIEF HISTORY of Hebdomas and the engraving on the barrel:
The name Hebdomas recalls the festivities of Ebdomee, held in Sparta, Croton and Mileto, which celebrated the birth of Apollo on the seventh day of the month. HEBDOMAS is one of the greatest and oldest Swiss watch brands, which started its activities in 1888 in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland), the birth place of many famous Swiss brands. The HEBDOMAS 8 day watch was first made at the turn of the century and has continued steadily its production, with minor variation, ever since. The outstanding feature is the unusual large mainspring (pocket watch) barrels which occupies the rear of the movement. Hebdomas watches obtained many rewards and medals in Geneva 1896, Paris 1900, Chicago 1902, Bruxelles 1910, Berne 1914, and Milan 1916, - which are inscribed on the watch barrels.
The date of this winding barrel is known because the first wrist watches produced by Hebdomas were made in 1914, and the 1916 Milan Exposition Medal is not engraved on barrel.

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Hand crafted in Tucson, AZ, by John Galen Gudenkauf (owner/artist) with US and Global Materials.