Antique Timepiece Pendant Necklace No.29 - c.1840 Swiss Verge Fusee Movement - FREE SHIPPING (US)

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Antique Timepiece (Steampunk) Necklace Pendant No.29
c.1840 Verge Fusee Watch Movement by Louis Archinard Bovy of Geneva, Switzerland + c.1880 Gold Plated over 0.800 Silver Etched Dial… 

18" Polished Stainless Steel or 
18" or 20" Gold Plated Stainless Steel 
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Weight: 1.3 ounce (37 grams),  Diameter/Width: 1.75” (44mm),  Height w/Bail: 1.94”(49mm),  Thickness: .44” (11mm)

A Stunningly beautiful example of old world craftsmanship that's been repurposed into an heirloom piece of jewelry.  The centerpiece of this necklace pendant is the complete upper plate of a circa 1840 Swiss Verge Fusee pocket watch movement - with its ornate hand carved/pierced Baroque/Rococo filigree design.  The plate is disassembled and each component is painstakingly polished, metallic foil added underneath the filigree parts, re-assembled, crystals added, then coated in a thick layer of epoxy resin.  The movement plate is mounted onto a c.1880 gold plated over coin silver pocket watch dial with finely etched details and added antique watch gears and Meridian Blue Swarovski crystal rhinestones - covered in a thick layer of epoxy resin - for a no-snag/smooth and long life finish

The movement is mounted to a 1/16" acrylic disc, which has a cut-out for the gold plated bail, and that is laminated to a vintage brass clock gear. A pour of blue and pearl mica tinted epoxy completely encapsulates the bail and gear, making it a permanent part of the pendant.  The sides of the finished pendant are polished to a smooth finish and the larger diameter bail will fit most chains without the need for additional mounting rings. 

History of FUSEE WATCH MOVEMENTS:  a fusee (from the French fusée, wire wound around a spindle) is a cone-shaped pulley with a helical groove around it, wound with a cord or chain which is attached to the mainspring barrel.  Fusees were made throughout Europe and The US and used in portable pocket watches from the early 1600’s - early 1900’s to improve timekeeping by equalizing the uneven pull of the mainspring as it ran down.  Fusee movements were eventually fazed out and by the mid 19th century; Swiss and American watchmaking industries exclusively employed the going barrel with the cylinder escapement - significantly improving timekeeping precision.  England continued to make the bulkier full plate fusee watches until about 1900.

A wide variety movements were made - from hand made Verge Fusee with ornately hand carved and pierced/filigree components of the 17th through 19th century - to less decorated and more utilitarian brass and nickel plated alloy movements of the 20th century when mechanized techniques were employed.  

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- Hand crafted in Tucson, AZ, by John Galen Gudenkauf (owner/artist) with US and Global Materials.